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About Us

ADoH Scientific, founded in 2019 in Summerville, South Carolina, leverages over four decades of research on Affective Determinants of Health to develop impactful tools that provide insights on the impact of ADoH factors in an individual’s mental, behavioral, and physical health. Under the guidance of Dr. Brian Sullivan, a practicing Clinical Psychologist, and Dr. Steve Overman, a professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of Washington, our medical team is dedicated to creating digital tools that capture these critical insights.
From this position, ADoH Scientific, led by CEO and Founder Alfred Fasola, is steadfast in our commitment to shape the future of value-based design. Our focus lies on benefiting individuals, caregivers, administrators, and researchers, as we strive to bring about transformative advancements in whole-person well-being.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure universal access to early-detection screening for all individuals and unlock the potential of ADoH data for all populations.

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How Affective Determinants of Health
Affects our well-being.

How Affective Determinants Of Health Affects Our Well-Being.