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Unlock real-time insights into the affective state of your patients across nine critical factors in less than 2 minutes.

Why your patients will embrace Emotii


Emotii’s innovative Digital Affect Mirror creates a unique experience preferred 9-to-1 by patients over traditional Likert-based assessments.


The Emotii screener takes less than 2 minutes on average to complete.

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No paperwork, no additional login or passwords and our conversational chatbot ensures an experience patients know and prefer.

Why you will benefit from Emotii


Historical tracking provides valuable insights into patients’ affective states, fostering stronger relationships based on deeper understanding.

Workflow Integration

Taking less than 2 minutes to complete, Emotii allows for integration into existing workflows.


Risk scores are translated into a standardized format and displayed in easy-to-understand reports.


Each ADoH factor demonstrates moderate to strong correlation with established scales such as the PHQ-2, GAD-7, SF-36, SRH-5, BITe, UCLA-3, P4Ps, and PSS-4.

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DokBot provides a simple, turnkey experience for all providers. To learn more about the benefits of the DokBot platform, click here.


Emotii screening for mental health conditions during general care visits is reimbursable via 97126 code.

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