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  • Brief yet Comprehensive – our assessment screens 9 unique affective determinants of health (ADoH®) that are primary drivers of patient health behaviors …typically in < 90 seconds.
  • Effective – our single-question scores have been compared to and correlate significantly with the longer gold standard screening instruments in each domain, e.g., our one depression question produces a statistically significant similar severity level score as the overall PHQ9 assessment.
  • Modern – our EmotiiTM measurement method offers a compelling adjustable facial expression experience that encourages self-reflection and maximizes accuracy without the stigma of rating oneself using a Likert scale.
  • Safe – Emotii offers a safe way for patients to become aware of and communicate their overall feelings, e.g., individuals with depression commonly also experience pain, fatigue, illness and/or loneliness as the reasons they seek medical care.
  • Efficient – the slide bar feature enables the ADoH9 assessment to be completed in less time than most multiple-choice questionnaires measuring a single factor.
  • Engaging – our assessment is preferred by patients up to 9x more than traditional assessments.
  • Useful –within seconds of assessment completion the Patient Results Report is sent to you in a secure, usable, easy-to-review format.
Definitely. “How you feel affects how you heal”, so offering a safe, engaging, and simple way for your patient to express how they feel, especially over several visits, helps them feel listened to, builds trust, and strengthens patient-provider communication.

It’s easy to integrate because the assessment is embedded within the Dokbot offering.

YES. Our assessment is embedded within Dokbot’s HIPAA-compliant platform, and our  premium services meet all HIPAA and other security requirements. Patient and provider data  security is of utmost importance to us.

Patient score tracking is included in our premium service, and it’s one of the several valuable features. Delivering the ADoH9 assessment adds to your comprehensive patient care, and longitudinally tracking follow-up assessments allows you to their response to your care. You also can use the score trends to educate the patient about self-care and the importance of each affect on their personal health.

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Emotii Validations & Scale Interpretation

Correlating the Emotii Screening Tool with Standard Scales: PHQ-2, GAD-7, SF-36, SRH-5, BITe, UCLA-3, P4Ps, and PSS-4.

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Emotii Validations & Scale Interpretation