What if you could better identify and address behavioral risks and positively influence outcomes, all while enhancing your bottom line?

ADoH SCIENTIFIC is uniquely prepared to empower your organization by providing:

  • a new category of data analytics
  • a new, more engaging methodology for acquiring the data
  • an integrated ecosystem of supports and interventions
  • AND a better way to understand what works best for whom.

If the health or wellbeing of people is what drives you, we should be talking.

Why ADoH SCIENTIFIC®? Why now?

  • The worldwide mental health crisis has finally come to the forefront, exacerbated by the devastating impact Covid 19 has had on our collective emotional well-being.
  • Extraordinary investments are now being placed on the crisis itself and the impact mental health has been proven to have on the short and long term physical well-being of individuals, groups and the population as a whole.

ADoH SCIENTIFIC helps key stakeholders within the entire healthcare ecosystem address this mental health tsunami by offering digital, science-based assistance and solutions.

Capturing, measuring, and leveraging the Affective Determinants of Health on an individual, segmented or population basis is vital – more so than ever before.

Yet, ADoH factors (emotions, moods, and other feelings) remain insufficiently captured, measured, analyzed, and leveraged.

  • Currently, the emotional, mental, and behavioral health needs of too many go unrecognized.
  • Too many in need remain disconnected from the resources that could help.

As a result, risks are not mitigated, and costs are not contained.

That has to change. Immediately.

The Affective Determinants of Health impact our risk for:

  • development and progression of diabetes, heart disease and a variety of other chronic health conditions
  • mental health disorders and substance abuse disorders
  • poor adherence to treatment plans

…as well as the efficacy of many digital health platforms.

Individual ADoH scores are poised to become the new vital sign…

on par with blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen rate and respiration.

Our unique and comprehensive assessment, using patented Emotii™ technology, measures, analyzes and reports on 8 critical affective factors in the same time it takes to measure one’s blood pressure.

Imagine providing your members, your patients or your employees with the power of customized interventions on our D.I.M.E.


Say HELLO to D.I.M.E.,
our Digital Intervention Marketplace & Exchange.

The ecosystem of accessible interventions include:

  • Licensed professionals
  • Certified paraprofessionals
  • Community services and peer groups
  • Digital therapeutics
  • Care management

Assess. Analyze. Apply. Attain.

That is what ADoH SCIENTIFIC® empowers you to do.

Assess: Our patented Emotii™ Digital Affect Mirror technology results in a comprehensive understanding of those 8 Prime Affects, and does so in a more engaging, efficient manner in less than a quarter of the time traditional surveys take. This proprietary assessment vehicle provides a unique broad-spectrum approach allowing us to collectively identify sub-clinical conditions not adequately measured previously.

Analyze: That new layer of data standing alone or when added to other existing factors provides insights into a person’s health challenges. Those advanced analytics can be generated with or without the assistance of our highly experienced data science team. The ADoH data you capture can be analyzed on an individual, segmented or population basis and tracked, over time, in the same ways.

Apply: The data and/or the resulting predictive analytics are of great value to those seeking ways to better serve their patients, members, clients and/or employees. Our behavioral health insights can help predict the onset and progression of mental health and chronic disease helping to increase the cost-effectiveness of chronic care management, particularly as it relates to comorbidities.

Attain: From improved individual outcomes to more manageable costs throughout the entire patient journey, this new layer of data as well as the improved access to the appropriate interventions is already generating measurable results.

“The ability to add the critical ADoH vital signs that have long been ignored, overlooked or minimized opens up a world of improved health and wellbeing outcomes.”






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