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Building a new category of assessment tools and predictive analytics to identify behavioral health risks and positively influence outcomes

Understanding affective health on an individual, segmented or population basis is vital.

Why? Because affects drive health behaviors, which determine 40% of personal health. ADoH SCIENTIFIC® delivers this understanding in a new, efficient, effective, and engaging way to health care (Affective Determinants of Health, ADoH®) and employer and wellbeing organizations (Affective Determinants of of Wellbeing, ADoW™).

In fact, individual ADoH® scores should be the new health vital sign – on par with blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, temperature, heart rate, and respiration.

Our unique and comprehensive assessment, using patented Emotii™ technology, measures, analyzes and reports on 8 critical affective factors in the same time it takes to measure one’s blood pressure.

How many ways will your organization benefit from the new layer of data we’ll help you generate?

Emotii, our innovative assessment tool, acts as a digital affect mirror that assesses the 8 prime factors of behavioral health at once. That data helps to provide great insights into:

  • ADoH: the Affective Determinants of Health
  • ADoW: the Affective Determinants of Employee Wellbeing

This assessment data also provides a new layer of information that enhances both predictive and population health management analytics. Individual and population point-in-time and longitudinal assessment data is analyzed by our data science team (and/or yours) to provide unique actionable predictive insights.

ADoH Insights™ Enable Targeted Interventions That Can Improve Our Health Journey and Resulting Outcomes

Early Detection: Improve outcomes and consumer satisfaction

Engagement: Improve outcomes and consumer satisfaction

Clinical Outcomes: Mitigate chronic physical and co-morbid conditions

Adherence: Reduce non-compliance/Non-adherence setbacks

Transition of Care: Reduce avoidable ER visits, admissions and clinical services

ADoW Insights™ Enable Targeted Interventions That Can Improve Workplace Performance

Presenteeism: Improve employee focus and productivity while working

Engagement: Improve employee accountability, loyalty and commitment

Talent Retention: Reduce employee turnover and related operating disruptions

Disability: Reduce inability to work due to stress and other affective conditions

Safety: Improve attention to safe practices and lost time due to job-related accidents

Assess. Analyze. Apply. Attain.

That is what ADoH SCIENTIFIC® empowers you to do.

Assess: Our patented Emotii™ assessment technology results in a comprehensive understanding of those 8 Prime Affects in a more engaging, efficient manner in less than  a quarter of the time traditional surveys take. Our assessment then generates a previously unavailable score that correlates all 8 factors.

Analyze: That new layer of data standing alone or when added to other existing factors provides insights into a person’s health challenges or an individual’s ability to be productive on the job. Those advanced analytics can be generated with or without the assistance of our highly experienced data science team. The ADoH data you capture can be analyzed on an individual, segmented or population basis and tracked, over time, in the same ways.

Apply: The data and/or the resulting predictive analytics are of great value to those seeking ways to better serve their patients, members, clients and/or employees.

Attain: This new layer of data is already influencing positive measurable outcomes for those participating in personal assessments as well as their peers.

“The ability to add the critical ADoH/ADoW vital signs that have long been ignored, overlooked or minimized opens up a world of improved health and wellbeing outcomes.”






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