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Preferred 9 to 1 by respondents, our unique screening platform standardizes the capture and curation of the Affective Determinants of Health (ADoH®), helping healthcare organizations and caregivers improve outcomes by unlocking the power of Affective data.
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Meet Emotii

Early Detection Affective Screening
Emotii is a validated, early-detection screening tool that utilizes a proprietary Digital Affect Mirror to capture patient-reported outcomes, enabling individuals to share their emotional states in a more engaging and culturally inclusive manner, reducing cognitive bias associated with traditional Likert scales.

How Emotii Works

With Emotii, caregivers and population health managers can quickly screen for eight prevalent ADoH factors (anxiety, depression, irritability, loneliness, energy, pain, stress, and wellness) in under 2 minutes. By incorporating ADoH's screening technology, we're taking a significant step toward holistic care. Insights from the digital affect mirror, response hesitancy, and consistency are compiled into a user-friendly dashboard, empowering caregivers to make more informed treatment decisions. Tracking results over time strengthens relationships and guides improvements in health behaviors. By observing trends and progress over time, caregivers and patients can develop stronger relationships and establish a clearer path towards enhancing health behaviors.


Telehealth, in-person and self-screenings are engaging and fast, delivering accurate results in real-time.

Digital Affect Mirror

Reduces cognitive bias, communicates across cultural lines and is preferred by patients 9-to-1 when compared to traditional Likert scales.


Results are presented in a user-friendly dashboard, serving as an early detection and treatment guide for caregivers.


Providers and patients can track and review results over time, ensuring the best possible care for patients.

Powering Population Health and Individual Level Insights:

Emotii, by ADoH Scientific, expands access to care, improves early detection of mental health disorders, and enables real-time clinical decisions. Our revolutionary approach removes barriers like time-consuming paper forms, opening doors to smart mind care.

Platform Built for Easy Integration

Emotii is a user-friendly solution that seamlessly integrates with existing systems, enabling easy gathering and analysis of comprehensive data on individuals' Affective Determinants of Health (ADoH).

Who’s Using Emotii

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